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business updates brought to you by qatar airways going places together. the foreign ministry. this is al jazeera. hello i'm adrian from again this is live from doha coming up in the next sixty
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minutes two suicide bombers blow themselves up at a packed baghdad market killing at least thirty eight people to syria and russia react with fury and concern the latest u.s. plan to kurdish and rebel fighters. attacked the only functioning airport in libya's capital shutting it down a walkway collapses at indonesia's stock exchange building injuring at least seventy five people the shower of glass and a brief. i'm tatiana phantasy to all the day's sports news including the headlines the list of casualties on the opening day of. two suicide bomb blasts during the monday morning rush hour in baghdad have killed at least thirty eight people close to one hundred others were injured and more fatalities fia's it's the fourth attack in the iraqi capital in the past forty
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eight hours there was a summit in java reports. bodies were scattered all over the streets in central baghdad two suicide bombers detonated their explosives during morning rush hour in tehran square dozens were killed and wounded chocolate bars sold in the busy marketplace were scattered in the debris and blood. it's become a deadly routine as people of the iraqi capital quickly try to resume their lives out there on square is a busy intersection in eastern baghdad between southern city and bridge the areas full of laborers on their way to work in the morning. i was here when the blast took place i heard two blasts many people got killed mainly workers. there was another attack in northeastern baghdad three people were killed including a member of the iraqi ministry of defense. attacks have risen in the last forty eight hours eight people were killed in
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a suicide bombing on sunday in the older mia area north of baghdad it shows that the minister of interior does not have a real intelligence network that it's supposed to be the data that will be on the table of the responsible persons who are supposed to be working hard to make back that secure last month iraqi prime minister head there led by the declared victory against isis saying the war against the group was over but the victory is yet to be translated into an end to attacks the u.n. says last month alone at least sixty nine civilians were killed in violence and armed conflict highlighting the fragility of iraq's peace as well detention fades after the declared defeat device of some of the job others there. moving now to syria where significant developments in the country's north threatening to cause major diplomatic fallout the u.s. announced that it's supporting the formation of a thirty thousand strong kurdish led border force in rebel controlled areas turkey says that america is playing with fire and syria's government says the plan is
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a blatant assault on its territory russia's also reacted suggesting the formation of a zone controlled by u.s. backed rebels could lead to the partition of syria but it would pneumonias through . american say i so was not completely destroyed in syria but we can now see that the us are not interested in the territorial integrity of syria it announced a new initiative yesterday and they would like to support the democratic forces of syria and his own of border security which would mean cutting off large territories around turkey's border so this is a difficult area where there is tension between kurds and arabs these territories would be controlled by armed oppositions and u.s. forces it would be very difficult to split syria such an approach is taking place without a u.n. resolution or negotiations in geneva russia iran and turkey expect clarifications from the u.s. . we'll get the view from turkey's border with syria shortly that's where. standing by but first let's begin in moscow with rory chalons who's outside the foreign
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ministry what else did have to say today. well it was interesting listening to those comments that we've just heard from the surrogate for all because i think you know through the generation of the syrian civil war so far pretty much all of the countries that are involved in one way or another in the conflict have always said that they are holes the territorial integrity of syria and now of course what we've heard from the average just now and what we've heard from turkey. today suggests that those two countries are losing faith. the united states is being true to that sentiment now all of these countries have different attitudes to the various parties involved in the syrian conflict the united states has been working with the kurds in turkey of course as a big problem without russia somewhere in the middle works with the kurds where it
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sees some advantage but also i think has not gone as far as the united states and in bolstering kurdish military capabilities so what we're hearing i think from lavrov and turkey seems to suggest that both those two countries russia and turkey are siding increasingly whiny with each other when it comes to the syrian conflict and the united states at the moment is finding itself a bit more isolated so where does this leave the various dialogue the various platforms the various peace initiative sochi geneva a start where does it say that russia stands on those these are these are these are more areas where we are seeing key and russia working quite closely with each other and of course it will come as no surprise to hear that lavrov was beginning up a century with the parts of the process that russia has had key involvements in so
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he was saying that a star has really pushed forward the kind of de confliction zones in syria. taken the prospects of peace further forward. what russia is also trying to do is organize this kind of national dialogue conference and so she has been trying to get this up and running for many months now supposed to be happening sometime towards the end of the month now he said that this dialogue of. comfort congress and national dialogue in sochi would basically get more syrian groups involved in the pro. says groups that are russian being left out he said of the geneva process and he thinks that that this so she conference would actually give impetus to the geneva process of course let's not forget that the geneva process which also meant me is trying to reach some kind of grimes
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political solution for the syrian conflict and lavrov says that the sufi conference is going to give fresh impetus that give the un essentially a kick up the backside but i've already many thanks story child's life in moscow there is another development that's playing into all of this turkey is planning a big offensive against kurdish forces in the both of syria as many as a honda explains. the turkish president today chip tayyip erdogan and using a party address to look staunch in the face of a u.s. backed could use force on his southern border he promised to respond with a show of force saying tikki will launch its own military operation and the northern syrian city of buffeting not so soon the lot of religion that just like we do not let the kurdistan workers party or p.k. open their eyes within our borders we are determined to vanquish them on the other side of fall border god willing in the coming days we will continue the operation
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to purge out southern border from terror. to key his foot kiddish factions within its borders for more than thirty years and doesn't want to see the kids gain power in neighboring syria the u.s. and the european union say the p.k. k. is a terror group but in northern syria the american say this supporting kurdish forces not the p.k. k. specifically the kurds are the most effective fighting force against the islamic state in syria and they've been very successful at that that's the american purpose but the turks regard the kurds and the y. b.g. as a dire. threat u.s. president trump promised iran that he would stop being and training could fight is but the pentagon never made that official now turkey is furious about reports of a new u.s. backed border force of thirty thousand personnel with the syrian democratic forces
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a group of largely controlled by the could ish y p g they will reportedly deploy along the border of turkey iraq to the southeast and the euphrates river valley the dividing line with assad's military hope the american backed could a swipe e.g. posted this online in december purporting to show clashes with turkish forces it's enough rain in northern syria the same could own clave we're heard one now says he will launch a military operation in the coming days they'll get there are many kyler despite it all we believe we have common interests with america in the region and hope we can act in concert because the time has come to support turkey and the time to give strategic corporation is do african could be the taste for a difficult three way relationship between powers in the syrian war ticky the united states and the kurdish fight is so hated by one side and supported by the other media mahommed al-jazeera let's bring in some christiane good then who's in
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attack india turkey's border with syria so turkey's president angry at u.s. support for the white p.g.a. and this proposal for the border defense force but one of the options for him right now. well andrea and there seems there is no option for him at first when he started saying that turkey had the legitimacy rights into the family itself against any national security threat and they would launch a military operation it was actually a year ago when president our don started saying this but this time we see that he has the support from russia and also the syrian regime david gave an indirect support today it's through its statement in syrian state state t.v. so at first the question was that whether turkey would be able to launch the
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suppression because turkey has been through a military coup in two thousand and sixteen the military is lacking personnel and turkey also has conducted that euphrates field operation and has lost more than eighty or if it is special forces people which means a lot to the turkish army and turkish to some of the military factions in turkey you were actually against a military operation to belong in our friend and also russia has a strong word on that front we have to keep that in mind but we see that russia gives support to turkey through its statements against united states and turkey was upset also because united states took this the situation unilaterally it didn't consult they didn't consult turkey which is they are nato ally which is their strategic partner that's why when president added on at rest united states during his speech yesterday he also challenge the strategic partnership was real or not by
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his words also the government spokesperson back here bose that said that the united states is playing with fire by this the situation to station security border forces to euphrates is she if rate is valley but of course time will show how they will negotiate big. those sorts of meeting is also coming up which is going to take place at the end of january but given the statements from both russia and turkey it seems to be a wait there will be some tough days and high statements through both sides all right so many thanks indeed christoph is the director of the council for arab british understanding he joins us now live from london chris russia and turkey the only players really in syria right now and it's not at all clear where their relationship is going what do you make of it all. well then you two major players in northern syria for certain and this has been the problem for the last three or
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four years now that actually it's not certain components of this conflict or that siding what's going to happen it is these external powers now to a large extent the asked on a process has managed to corral russia turkey and iran and their interests. together so that they can deescalate and we've seen a reduction in violence until the last few months but now we're getting to a situation where many of the other fronts that rocker has been taken from isis are nearing completion and eyes have turned to the northwest to lip in addition to that it also brings into sharp focus what will be the future of the kurdish areas in in syria and this of course is where turkey starts rubbing up against the united states because the united states has backed the white p.g. the syria defense forces in its fight against isis and the risk for the united states here is that it would be seen as having ditched the syria defense forces
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that after having encouraged them after having on them against isis then to pull away and leave them to a combination of turkey and the syrian regime to ensure that you know kurdish ambitions in these areas would be once again watered so is another delicate moment in the great power game in northern syria so what if he goes ahead and carries out his pledge to go into the afrin what is he really doing here is he to is he testing the ground. i think is testing the ground i think that in africa and we've seen. no u.s. military bases or support there so it's a possibility for him to do that now there are many syrians on the ground who fear that actually there could be a very shady deal going on here as the syrian regime encroaches further into it live just south of that frame which is the last real center of syrian opposition
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left. fighting the regime that turkey could abandon that in return for an agreement a tacit agreement from the other powers that it could deal with african in the white b.g. and other areas and you know this has actually happened in the past turkey effectively gave up aleppo in exchange for alberta been in its launching of operation euphrates shield so there's lots of behind the scenes back channels going on here it's very risky and of course one has to remember in all of this while over one hundred thousand people have been displaced in the last couple of months and it's in the middle of winter they're living in makeshift tents aid agencies are pulling out the fighting there is getting worse and we could see this all triggered yet another major refugee crisis in addition to the one that would exists of course
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which will bring concerns of course from the european union nobody worried that there will be more people trying to cross the june in the months to come chris many thanks to crystal there director of the council for our british standing here with the news hour from al-jazeera still to come on the program. the u.s. president defends himself after being accused of using vulgar language while talking about immigrants plus. against pope francis. why. and later in sport the last gasp touchdown that secured a remarkable playoff victory in the n.f.l. tough guy here with all the details but a little over thirty minutes. out
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of a group i'm sorry has launched an attack on an airbase in libya's capital tripoli security sources say that gunmen stormed the base and the fighting spilled on to the runway spending flights it's the only functioning airport in tripoli the international terminal was damaged in twenty fourteen life down to tripoli i'll just put up the one head is there what's the latest. can you hear me. you know hearing you know you know i think what we're going to do is. i was just asking you. what the latest is from from that airport in tripoli. well
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according to health officials in the field hospital in i'm eighty nine dead and thirty two one did so far and these clashes erupted since the dawn this morning between an armored group that is untie and back the government of national accord and the special deterrence force that's the force that has been tasked with protecting and securing. a base now the clashes erupted because the armed group that is untie you and back the government national called thinks that deterrence force has not the right to protect or secure at them. is also there are did it in force as ake used of practice that is extrajudicial practices inside the airbase especially it has a prison inside the military bases and that prison includes islip.
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former rebels activists and criminal suspects now according to security sources the the asian has been suspended airport and all individuals has been all individuals in and around. have been asked to stay away from the clashes area and now this is not the first time this group called a. group that has been leading or headed by someone called bashir. and now he is from that is. a district that is where the air base is as is their district and now because this group does not belong to the official government of national called and now they believe that as long as the aid is located in turkey district then it's their right as the sons of the. to protect
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this and secure it and not the special detail on force now on the other hand the spirit of the difference force has been tasked by the you and that government of national accord to take care of securing their special they didn't force has been policing the city the capital tripoli for the last three years and typically are made to get airport has been the only one and only functioning airport in tripoli since it's only fourteen all right but he thinks the delta is buckled. in tripoli qatar foreign minister is denying a report by the united arab emirates state news agency that category fighter jets of quote intercepted emma rotty civilian aircraft the news agency says that its plane the plane rather was on its way to bahrain it follows a complaint by the heart of the u.n. security council over two alleged violations of cattery airspace by u.s. military aircraft in recent weeks tension between its neighbors have increased
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since june when the u.a.e. saudi arabia egypt and bahrain cut diplomatic and economic ties. a walkway has collapsed into the stock exchange building causing widespread panic indigenous at least seventy five people were taken to hospital in jakarta rubble fell on to people in the lobby below let's go live now to jakarta al jazeera has stopped boston is there step what more do we know about what happened. well yes a lot of people of course are asking the same question how could this happen right here in the central financial district of the capital of indonesia in one of the main towers here it's a huge howitzer thirty one floors high and it happened at the massillon level it was sort of a bridge at the time when the collapse happened a lot of students were actually visiting the building they were on
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a study tour they were going on onto that bridge and no c.c.t.v. footage has been released and you can see the studio is actually on that bridge when the collapse happened so it's going across very scary footage to see and they fell right into the lobby on top of people also were actually already in the lobby and people were of course panicking they scramble to get out of this building you can see students lying injured on the street ambulance have been going on back and forth between this building and hospitals three hospitals here in the area but at the moment rescue workers have left the building which means that it's all been cleared nobody is left behind and of course what what's left is is a lot of damage stuff many thanks the past in jakarta. a french dairy company is promising compensation payouts to the parents of babies poisoned by milk infected with salmonella a tallis as recalled twelve million boxes of powdered milk it eighty three countries at least thirty in france in france in france alone became ill after
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consuming the milk the french government's ordered the shutdown of the factory that produces the powder like thomas is accused of trying to cover up the outbreak and is facing hundreds of lawsuits let's talk now to peter embraer who's a for food safety scientist at the world health organization peter thanks for being with us how do you go about containing an incident such as this this is a very difficult event because of the size and amount of products being recalled as you've named months and you also named a number of countries where this product has been exported so actual we have been helping doos. eighty countries to. receive specific information about what they have imported so they could also recalled. products from their markets so it's a very complex and logistically challenging event how does. the bacteria the causes
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the illness that with the food poisoning how does it get into the product in the first place. it can come in in two different true different ways either true or environmental contamination in the factory which is apparently what happened in these times but it could also enter with a lot of different ingredients being used in the production of these very specialized infant formula product and. we should also remember that infant formula is not the steroids product so it's very difficult to avoid having bacteria in this product from time to time but of course when there is one of the bad ones that you want to avoid having in infant formula like thomas assert that it will compensate anyone any parents a child who's become sick after consuming this program presumably as in europe but these products come worldwide as that what would your advice be to anyone who's been affected who's not in europe if we have already
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one and potentially two cases identified outside of france one in spain and the though the other one probably in greece but as as you said these products have been exported to some eighty plus countries in the world and from all these countries we haven't yet received information of any case linked to these products but we have true the true the system and through the international network of food safety agencies in full sun we have requested all these countries to try to see if they have cases linked to these products peter good to talk to you many thanks d.p.c. ember act out the world health organization. steps here with a weather update for us next to zero zero the best seller in the making of you collection of writings and speeches by china's president hits the bookshelves. sold
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makes all public transportation completely free during commuting hours as air pollution reaches the first sea levels. a comeback win for barcelona t.v. i will be here for the details as the legal leaders extend their unbeaten run. binny's ping skylines by the time. or is the sunsets in the city of angels. had a there well let's have an update on our storm this is tropical cyclone bag and it's swirling around in the south indian ocean quite close to the islands of militias and larry union now you can see just over the past few hours a time it'll hole has developed in the middle of the cloud as the eye of the storm and it's an indication that the storm is intensifying and becoming more organized at the moment the winds are sustained winds at least one hundred forty kilometers per hour which would make the storm the equivalent of
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a category one hurricane that's what it would be called if it was around the americas at the moment here it's just called a tropical cyclone and it's gradually tracking its way towards the southwest now it is moving incredibly slowly on the moment which means that there is an issue with forecasting its track because one tiny little change in the atmosphere at the moment could really throw out to its track but it looks like currently it's working its way towards the southwest very slowly and it's expected to get to marriages and lower union all thursday during the day on thursday and between now and then it's going to intensify further because the winds in the upper atmosphere are fairly calm and there's no great change in the wind as you go up through the atmosphere it is also very warm waters as well and so that means. but it can intensify there's nothing really to stop it so by the time it makes landfall we're looking at a storm that has sustained winds of one hundred eighty five kilometers per hour that will make it a category three and a highly destructive storm. the weather sponsored by cats on these.
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this is our foundation. i tried to do something different when i made daisy it was the best day of my life. i wish that day could have gone on forever. but my past caught up with me. and made us all pay the price tags at this time on al-jazeera. discover a wealth of award winning programming from around the world may need more and find professionals a top priority is to model ways that neo generation to study finds powerful documentaries debates and discussions as prime minister you do need to be critical of of all massage any and all sex is a challenge your perceptions the contours of this story are shaped by the interests
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of the countries involved only on al-jazeera. well again it's good to have you with us adrian fitting in here in doha with the news out from al-jazeera our top stories this hour two suicide bomb blasts in baghdad have killed at least thirty eight people more fatalities a fear among the one nine hundred wounded in the square in the iraqi capital. turkey's president or one says that he plans to launch a military operation on a major kurdish stronghold in syria it comes after the u.s. confirmed that it's helping to set up a thirty thousand strong border force in the north of the country russia's foreign
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minister says the u.s. move could divide syria syria's governments call it a blatant assault on its territory. an armed group has launched an attack on an airbase in libya's capital tripoli killing nine people and injuring thirty two more it's the only functioning airport in tripoli to the international terminal there was damaged in twenty fourteen little more now on that one of our top stories we heard earlier what russia's foreign minister sergei lavrov had to say about syria those comments were made during a question and answer session about his country's foreign policy he also said that moscow would not support u.s. attempts to change the iran nuclear deal warned that if the agreement collapses it would have a knock on effect for any future u.s. dialogue with north korea on the same note lavrov said that he's ready to support direct talks between all parties involved in the north korea missile crisis north
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and south korea held talks last week after a prolonged period of tension over the north's missile and nuclear programs that gets analysis of all of this now by speaking to were so called for in moscow he's assistant professor at the moscow state institute of foreign relations good to have you with us where to start. let's perhaps begin with syria a lever of appearing to be most irritated by the u.s. plan saying that it could it could split syria into it to different parts yes it's true actually the minute the majority of questions during the press conference were about syria and mr lavrov was a very specific about the weak points of the us foreign policy in general especially talking about it about its ultimatum well all to meet in character
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but the main issue was syria and he said that yes that'll bring in a split of the country and moscow is very disappointed with the current u.s. policy towards syria and especially because it will create. a kurdish state that will be in conflict not only with damascus but also with turkey and that it will also provoke trouble on the territory of iraq so it will be a source of instability for at least another decade or more so yes moscow is very much concerned where does this leave moscow's initiatives that its dialogue initiatives. well the dialogue initiative is still alive and mr lavrov seems to be willing to hold a conference and sought share involving all the groups that are interested in this kind of dialogue but he specifically mentioned involving in syria opposition tribal
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leaders and the kurds so that i think that will be the emphasis of the kurds the internal opposition and the tribes not the opposition which is considered external because he's specifically mentioned those immigrants who leave in different kind of conscious like turkey or united arab emirates and he said that these people have no influence on the ground so. we're we're supposed to bring in people who can really influence the situation that's that's his message so there will be the emphasis of russian. efforts yes the magic of ok secretary level of very critical of the u.s. for the pressure that it's putting iran right now of the nuclear agreement. well yes it's true and he is well several things first of all he says that the behavior of don't trumpet ministration it gives no stimulus for iran to follow this
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agreement so in the next several months it can be simply undermined especially if the us insists on some impossible conditions and secondly death will set a very bad example for north korea because north koreans will see that any kind of cooperation with the u.s. doesn't bring anything because the iranians now are following all the rules and they are actually fulfilling all the demands of the international community but still they get no sanctions there are still thanks in place and so. do the korean north korean leadership will have little or no stimulus to do anything so and he actually criticized there is seriously american steps towards iran and towards north korea both he spoke specifically about the meeting in vancouver which is supposed to discuss the north korean situation so and he said that russia does not support it he denounced all he almost denounced this meeting
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or i could talk to somebody thanks dave for being with us the clay circle. palestinian teenager i had to maybe we'll find out whether she gets bail after a video of slapping and hitting israeli soldiers went viral she was arrested a month ago and faces a prison sentence for assault stone throwing and incitement before the incident it's cousin muhammad was seriously injured when an israeli soldier a rubber coated steel bullets at his face i was to its national school for immediate release. u.s. president donald trump has denied accusations that he's a racist he's been criticized for allegedly using vulgar language when describing haiti el salvador and several african nations during a recent white house meeting that we call him which is the big conversation happening in washington and really across the country in the globe right now is president donald trump in fact a racist this is all coming about after
1:37 pm
a meeting where a bipartisan group of senators once the white house and said they had to compromise on immigration reform the president reportedly bristled at it because he said it would allow in countries in africa el salvador in haiti and he described those as undesirable countries although he used a far more explosive expletive to describe those places now the question is is he in fact a racist because in that conversation he said he would rather take in people from countries like norway which are majority white well years of the president had to say about that. and we believe. that this isn't just a question being bandied about whether or not president donald trump is racist this has an actual impact the republicans need to pass a budget their charge of the house and the senate and funding for the government runs out this coming friday if they can't pass something well then they'll face a partial government shutdown democrats have unique leverage because they need
1:38 pm
their votes in order to keep the government going so there are democrats who are saying they're simply not going to vote for it in less than. get some sort of immigration deal they see this as their point of leverage and they plan to lose it so right now they're basically going to face off for the next five days and either democrats are going to cave and vote for a budget or republicans are going to have to come up with some sort of immigration compromise aircraft manufacturer says again suggesting that it may have to abandon production of the a three eighty super jumbo the double decker craft was launched a decade ago but a struggle to generate sustained demand from airlines airbus is chief salesman was that the company must strike along to a ten year deal with emirates airlines in order to keep the program financially viable pope francis is on his way to chile then peru to promote peace and unity but security plans are being reevaluated following attacks on six roman catholic churches in chile is anger in both countries at the alleged cover up of paedophile
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priests in america editor lucy and human has more now from a solo in southern chile. it used to be standing room only inside this cathedral in southern chile. but these days not many are singing the praises of their bishop one batter us appointed three years ago by pope francis. outside the cathedral other members of the flock demand the resignation of the bishop who is accused of covering up sex abuses by chile's most notorious pedophile priest the pope may be smiling down at these people but they're not smiling back this used to be one of the most faithful catholic cities in all of chile but now these faithful say that they are sad and angry at their pope. accuses him of betraying his promises. the vatican still covers up abusers and
1:40 pm
to boot in chile it rewards them with promotions and positions abroad the severity we expected from the pope isn't there it's an acceptable that a bishop like barrows who covered up sex abuses he put in charge of our diocese while the protest continued we caught bishop leaving through the parking lot he has long denied any wrongdoing but they did the questions about the calls for his resignation they knew to him that there are many other people charge work. than. a survivor is one of those who accused the bishop of facilitating abuses against them by this man father finance. behind these walls abused scores of seminarians while preparing dozens of priests and five bishops including bishop battlers he saw when the priest when he addressed the
1:41 pm
people's genitals he was watching there's rumors of past the morning of how he. was present and and told this day the pope doesn't acknowledge god pure talk no action his zero tolerance is a false zero tolerance. but just last week ahead of his trip to chile and peru the pope ordered the vatican to take over an elite catholic group in peru after years of charges that its founder seen here sexually and physically abused scores of children and adults athol are until now what we've had a dramatic gestures maneuvers for impact and damage control aimed at improving the church's image that may not be enough to satisfy victims like one could loose and other critics who insist that while the pope is here they'll continue raising their voice to hold the vatican and its leader accountable you see in human al-jazeera
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southern chile. israel's prime minister benjamin netanyahu stressed his close ties with india and its leader as he continues a six day visit that you know his trip is aimed at securing better trade defense links one hundred thirty members of israel's tech sector within in the country india is israel's biggest almost market it buys around a billion dollars worth of weapons every year this is a dawn of a new era in the great friendship between india and israel and it begun with prime minister gordon is historic visit to israel which created tremendous enthusiasm and continues with my visit here which i'm also deeply moving for my wife and me and for the entire people of israel and i think that heralds of flourishing of our partnership to bring prosperity. and peace and progress for both our people.
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and evacuation orders been issued to thousands of people who live near a volcano in papua new guinea after venting ash for several days the cut of a volcano erupted on friday the prime minister is warning people to be ready for the risk of a tsunami a volcanic eruption is underway on the southern philippines out of the blue zone love has been pouring from mail since saturday disaster management official said that more than nine thousand people have been moved to emergency shelters. dog and reports from manila at least six thousand people have already been evacuated from at least three towns near the volcano now this is something that local official see as escalated over the weekend the fear that they may have to increase the alert level in the coming hours depending on how the volcano develops now there are at least twenty active volcanoes all across the country there are two others now on alert level one now local officials from legazpi and by provinces are saying that
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they are all prepared should the volcano erupts this is a region largely dependent on that we culture for their livelihood but at least thirty thousand people are expected to be affected whether my own volcano erupts or not in the coming days. delegations from north and south korea are meeting again to discuss the north's participation in the winter olympics they met at the pentagon john truce village inside the demilitarized zone that separates the two countries the rare second round of talks or a side of foreign relations between pyongyang and seoul last week sit down with the first time the two sides to tell direct talks in two years south korea made all public transportation free during peak hours on monday because of an air pollution crisis the fee waiver is part of emergency measures to try to tackle poor air quality the concentration of fine particles in the air in seoul reached dangerous
1:45 pm
levels on sunday al-jazeera kathy novak has been talking to commuters in seoul. people may welcome a free ride but in terms of public reaction to this move by the soul city government there's quite a bit of cynicism about whether it will really work first of all souls' public transportation is already quite affordable it costs an average of about a dollar per ride and also people are blaming their pollution problems mostly on china. the main cause of the fine dust issue comes from china so i don't think that's effective the issue should be fixed in china first. if public transportation is free when we have high levels of fine dust fear people will drive and it will help lessen the pollution. coming from china but if we can do something about it like having fewer cars it will help china is taking steps to curb pollution and actually the air quality here in south korea this winter has been
1:46 pm
a little bit better than it had been in previous years last year a joint study between a korean research institute and the u.s. space agency nasa found that between may and june actually only about a third of air pollution in south korea came from in china that may have been a little bit different if readings had been taken around this time of year still this move by seoul city government is an example of a farty as in south korea trying to take control of pollution that is created domestically most of that comes from vehicles so they really want to take more cars off the road. a new book about the faults of china's president xi jinping is raising more questions about the extent of communist party propaganda all the books the chinese leadership don't want read or read the door of the longer being published. reports from beijing. to meet demand the presses have been rolling nonstop since the communist party congress in october which is. thought as
1:47 pm
a guiding philosophy. not surprisingly bookstores give the work special prominence when we arrived at this bookstore the promotional section was empty but suddenly and suspiciously it's filled with customers at least tsonga communist party member told us she was buying five copies for a study group back at her office i mean i haven't read the book yet but i start right after i go back we have all read that nineteenth party congress reports the ever times alongside the new she work is the report of the party congress that enshrined the concept of she thought into the constitution copies of the constitution are handily available to. the books the party congress together on the shelves because they are in great demand from the citizens they happen urgent need to treat them equally urgent it seemed was the need of citizens to leave as soon as
1:48 pm
we left so did they when our producer returned ten minutes later a special section was deserted again the future study of xi jinping thought by students and party members looks certain to make cheese books volumes one and two bestsellers for years to come contrast that with the fate of other political books about china's leaders that won't be included on any college reading list on book stands in the southern city of hong kong far more sensational titles claimed to give a behind the scenes look at the intrigue in the chinese leadership band on the mainland they sell well to chinese visitors but we found this door closed supposedly for renovation. another was closed. when the publisher.
1:49 pm
he was abducted and subjected to many. before. everyone in the publishing. political books. stopped. even in hong kong with its freedom of speech when it comes to. open. school.
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1:51 pm
again type of sport has tatiana thank you so much adrian men's top seed rafael nadal has made an impressive start at the is fast tennis grand slam the australian open the funny and hadn't played in a tournament match since suffering a knee injury in november but he crushed the dominican republic victorious three in the opening round six one six one six one with the score in a dollars off to his second australian open title and seventeenth a grand slam. now for the first time in twenty one years the second round of the australian open want to feature one of the williams sisters serena withdrew before the tournament and venus was beaten on the opening day last year as runner up was defeated by unseated with belinda bench at the wild them the seventy eight looked comfortable as well in a six three seven five victory and has now won sixteen for much of them in
1:52 pm
a row she reached the top ten of an eighteen year old for a wrist injury that still have food on the wall thanking. me four times before so i was really happy to go out to took my chance this time. yeah i was just happy to be back playing it was a very very long time ago when i was out and you know i couldn't wait to come back so i mean to work well sloane stephens won the last a grand slam of twenty seventeen that was the u.s. open fought she hasn't posted a victory since then the thirteenth feed recorded her eighth straight defeat so she was downed in three sets by china john why eight american women have now been beaten on day one. i wouldn't call them tough times everyone's like so depressed and so do. sounds like it happens to everyone like eventually i'll start what i told you guys in d.c. i'm going to beat someone eventually south i'm going to have the best instagram picture i when i finally stop the snap this losing streak so. yeah i'm it's not
1:53 pm
tough times the minnesota vikings are just one game away from playing in a home super bowl after a remarkable playoff victory over the new orleans saints have a look at what happened on the final play of the game. stage show. i stefan takes the man with the sixty one yard touchdown as minnesota came back from a seventeen point deficit to win twenty nine it to twenty four they advance to the n.f.c. championship game when that and they'll become the first team to ever host a super bowl which rotates cities each season. gets a little better words inscribed that moment i just. can't believe it ok at the time i was i was looking for. what the jacksonville jaguars reached their first a.f.c.
1:54 pm
championship game in eighteen years rookie running back leonard for net scored three touchdowns as they stunned the more favored pittsburgh steelers forty five to forty two. so from thirty two teams we're down to just four in the n.f.l. both conference championship games we played next sunday defending super bowl champions the new england patriots host the jackie was the vikings will need to get past the philadelphia eagles of that to play and that home a super bowl. or barcelona had to come from behind to keep their on beaten run in the early in the league are going for theatre and went to a lot in the first half which then left to get things going for botha with the opening goal luis suarez adding another to do with messi topping things off for a fourth to finish off flown around nineteen points ahead of defending champion draw madrid the last time the gap between the two was that mud was back in the one thousand nine hundred ninety one season. but i don't think we'll get it we'll get.
1:55 pm
well we can lose points in many stadiums is a little our intention is to create a feeling that we are very tough team to play against for other teams and it is good we won here because f.c. barcelona hasn't won here for a very long time and in a difficult situation with a good comeback somebody english premier league is manchester city's unbeaten run has come to an end as they were beaten by liverpool on sunday fifty one a run of twenty two wins before they lost that unfilled showing the not invincible as people thought the reds charge into a four one lead in the second off thanks to goals by alex all played chamberlain rub it for mean yo fed him on a and mohamed salah and despite a late surge by thirty men held on for a four three when. you need really good football team to do that and. saying got i have flown so and that makes and sense to try it and they tried really hard today . it was just
1:56 pm
a joy to watch. well that when five liverpool into third place and the only trial of manchester united on goal difference right now united will hope they can close the gap on current leaders to fifteen points between them and the city rivals manchester city when they play stoke and that game it takes place later on monday for russia dortmund were held to a goal is true with wolves after leaving up here and make a boomy young from the squad for disciplinary reasons after apparently missing a key team meeting it may have had an impact on the results as well as dortmund missed out on the chance to go second in the table and instead drop a place in to put stillman did have some chances during the game alexander i think hit the post in the first half and andre young milenko missed an open goal off the bat and if things couldn't get any worse country struck the post as well. i. know in the n.b.a. the minnesota timberwolves topped the portland trail blazers on sunday for
1:57 pm
a fifth straight when the timberwolves had a comfortable fourteen proport lead by half time to meet butler call anthony towns combined for sixty six points on the night to help them to a one hundred twenty to one hundred three win. golf and on patton has become the first multiple winner on the p.g.a. tour this year the american entered the final day on the sony open in hawaii a shot off the lead but he then carded a two on deposit sixty eight putting him tied at the top of the leaderboard with james hahn it took six sudden death holes in a playoff before finally prevailed. stage nine of the dakar rally has been called off on safety grounds heavy rains with scheduled for the net eight hundred kilometer track between bolivia and argentina competitors had to deal with muddy conditions on sunday but frenchman stephan petter hands will revive his
1:58 pm
campaign with victory in stage eight the seven time champion in the car category lost his overall lead over mechanical problems that day earlier and clawed back a little bit of ground on colophon. but will this ball for now more later adrian touch anybody thanks and just read the whole wrote this to somebody thanks for watching so rob and to update your top stories in just a few moments i'll see. you .
1:59 pm
carcinogen. the sam's in archaeology graduate from iraq he's also a part time going to pergamon museum which includes a reconstruction of the famous ishtar gate in babylon most of the people he's showing around came to germany as refugees this is just one of several billion museums taking part in the project called a meeting point and as well as bringing people together one of its aims is to emphasise the contribution of migrants right up to the present day to western culture. because i've been here for some time i can help them with lots of things
2:00 pm
that mrs ford to me the great thing is it's not just about museums about forming a new life is part of life it's culture. al-jazeera explores prominent figures of the twentieth century and how he's influenced the course of history the souls that leave did not get enough credit for ending up but if you want to be the big historical figure but. the biggest con in the world the prisoner and the president who came together to end up apartheid in south africa nelson mandela and f.w. de klerk face to face at this time on all just. two suicide bombers blow themselves up in a plank to baghdad lock at killing at least thirty eight people.
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